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How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

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How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

Price is one of the most important considerations to make when making any purchase or, should that be value for money is the most important thing to take into consideration? It is easy to go for the cheapest price but as we all know, cheap doesn’t always mean the best of quality.

Garage door prices vary due to a number of factors and it is always important to make sure the prices you are getting are for a similar product and components, and in this article, we want to highlight what is included in the cost of Rollerdor garage doors.

Things to consider with your new garage door

The most important thing to check is that the garage door you are pricing meets with all the current legislation and has the correct UKCA marking.

After you know the doors are legally compliant, it is then onto making your choices.

The first choice is: do you feel happy with your DIY skills and can you install the door yourself using our comprehensive installation instructions? Maybe you would prefer one of our NVQ-trained installation teams did all the work for you?

Once you have decided if you would like to install your garage door yourself or not, you will have a base price to work off of and from here you can get a price for exactly what you would like from your garage door.

The standard starting prices for each of our roller garage door ranges are as follows:

  • DIY — RD55 from £455 | RD77 from £625
  • Classic — RD55 from £845 | RD77 from £995
  • Superior — RD55 from £1145 | RD77 from £1295
  • Executive — only available in the RD77 from £1595

If you are happy to install the door yourself then our DIY range of doors would best suit you and we have a measuring guide to help you get all the dimensions needed for your order, if you decide you would like us to come and do a site survey to get all the dimensions with the complete end to end installation then there is a choice of 3 different types of doors available to you.

Once you have made a choice, the price will be affected by what options you choose,


The dimensions of the door will affect the price and also which model of door you choose. The dimensions you need to get a price are the width of the garage door opening – brick to brick and ignore any existing frames – and the height from floor to lintel. Please use our measuring guide to ensure that you get it spot on.


There are two main models of roller garage doors available on the market: the 55mm compact door which is only available for single size garage doors with a maximum opening width of 2310mm (7ft 7 inch) like our RD55 range of doors or the thicker, stronger 77mm range which can cover all the way up to big double garage doors of 4875mm (16ft) like our RD77 range of doors.

The RD55 is designed to be as compact as possible and rolls into a 205mm (8 inch) square top box. This doesn’t mean that you would only need to think about this size for your application as, with all roller garage doors, the last base rail has to stay in the guide runners. It is best to allow for 250mm (10 inches) for your clear walk through height.

Because of its compact design the RD55 only needs 65mm (2 1/2 inch) for the guide runners each side and, because of the flexibility of this unit, it can be fixed behind the pillars inside the garage to give maximum width or between 2 flat walls.

The RD77 is designed to be as strong and compact as possible and rolls into a 300mm (12 inch) square top box. To increase the strength of the doors the RD77 has a 95mm (4 inch) guide runner on each side. Again, this guide runner is designed with flexibility in mind and can be fixed behind the pillars inside the garage to give maximum width or between 2 flat walls.


The starting price of our roller garage doors is based on a white colour for curtain and frame (guide runners and top box) but customisation is king. Choosing the right mix of colours for both the frame and the curtain itself has a huge impact on the visual appeal of your door and the outer facade of your home. We have a huge range of pre-selected shades to choose from, as well as the full RAL colour spectrum, please see our colour guide to see the variety available.

Blue satin sectional garage door

This sectional garage door is a beautiful blue!


Although we cover most of the UK mainland as standard, some postcode areas further away do incur a small supplement.


All of our doors use electric remote controls, depending on the model, these are either hold to run operation or, single press operation with a safety edge device.


The doors have internal manual override as standard but some garages only have an entrance through the main door so they would need to add the external manual override kit to allow access in a power failure, you may also want additional handsets or other forms of opening the door like key switch, keypad or rocker switch – added.

Is an automated garage door worth the cost?

Whether you need an automated door will come down to your specific lifestyle and personal requirements. In most cases, an automated door is well worth the price as it is a true life-changer if you’re swapping from, say, a manual up and over garage door.

Automated doors provide unparalleled accessibility, making day-to-day life easier for older people or those with disabilities. The difference it makes to open a garage door with just the press of a button is liberating. For many, this change is more than worth it.

At Rollerdor, every garage door we make is bespoke and made to measure. We manufacture our doors in house, right here in the UK, and tailor them specific to your requirements.

If you’re in need of a brand new electric garage door, look no further than Rollerdor. We have a wide range of quality garage doors, all manufactured in the UK, tailored to your needs. Use our garage door price calculator to configure your door, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any advice regarding the doors or their prices.

Garage door price calculator

Want to get a new garage doors quote? Use our price calculator to get a no-hidden-fee price and order online!

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Our slats are constructed out of double skinned aluminium and have a thick, foam-filled insert to add insulation to the garage door. Our slats are assembled by our own on-site team to your individual specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and a strong seal.

Why choose our double-skinned aluminium slats?

  • Increased insulation
  • Strong physical barrier
  • Reduced risk of break-ins
  • Less sound pollution
  • Increased protection from ultraviolet and infrared rays
  • Protection against volatile weather
  • Quieter functioning

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How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

What Makes A Rollerdor

Made from double-skinned aluminium with high density, foam filled insert for effective insulation.

  • Improved insulation
  • Strong physical barrier
  • Highly secure and effective deterrent for break-ins
  • Reduced sound pollution
  • Quiet, smooth functionality
  • Protection against volatile weather
  • Increase protection from UV and infrared rays
  • All parts are made from powder-coated or painted aluminium
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