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How to hang a Bike in Your Garage

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How to hang a Bike in Your Garage

A bike can be an awkward fit for your garage, especially if you’re already struggling for space. A clever way around this problem is to hang your bike instead of storing it on the ground. Hanging a bike from the wall or ceiling is a great way to de-clutter your garage and organise multiple bikes without them becoming damaged.

There are two main options when hanging your bike in the garage. You can either hang it from the wall or the ceiling. Each have their own benefits and considerations, so which one you choose is dependent on your own desires.

Hang your bike from the ceiling

If you’re all about conserving wall and floor space then this is the option for you. The bike should hang upside down – hooked by the wheels – so the job of lifting the bike to and from the ceiling is easier. However, this method will still require some effort and care when retrieving and hanging your bike so be mindful of your own limits. If you find it hard to lift your bike in the first place, consider hanging your bike from the wall instead.

Before deciding to hang your bike this way, make sure your garage door itself isn’t going to interfere. A sectional or traditional up and over garage door means hanging your bike from the ceiling will be impossible due to the amount of ceiling space they take up, and the way they regularly block roof access. However, a roller garage door allows unimpeded, full access to the ceiling at any time, so you might want to think about changing your style of garage door in order to save even more space. Rollerdor are a quality supplier of a wide range of roller garage doors so get in touch today to discuss price and installation for your property.

There a few things to consider when preparing to hang your bike. Heavy duty hooks should be used, coated in plastic to avoid continued scratching, and you should take care to measure the bike properly so you can be sure that your ceiling will accommodate it. Making sure the hooks are placed in the correct spots is vital so the bike can hang securely from the wheel rims without the bike being lopsided or misaligned.

When installing the hooks you will want to make sure to find and hit a ceiling joist. You’ll probably have to use a stud finder to do this. Once you’ve located the joist, mark its position then use the measurements of the bike to drill holes in the appropriate points for the hooks. If you have someone to help you, then have them hold the bike to the ceiling so you can mark exactly where the hooks should go. Install the hooks deep enough to remain secure then test the strength of the hooks by repeatedly hanging and retrieving the bike to make sure that the system is working as intended.

Hang your bike from the wall

If you’re less concerned with saving every inch of space you can – or you’re not comfortable with lifting the bike to the ceiling every time you need to store it – then you might want to try mounting your bike to the wall. For a child’s bike, wall mounting is likely a safer, more convenient storage solution – especially if your child is retrieving and hanging the bike themselves.

There are a couple of options for wall mounting your bike, depending on how high you want the bike to be from the floor and how you decide to orient it. Take a look at how you use the space currently and where you would have to stand when retrieving the bike.

Save floor and room space by mounting the bike with the frame parallel to the wall. The wheels should be facing downwards to make retrieving the bike as easy as just lifting then lowering the bike from the wall. You will be hanging the bike by the frame, not the wheels, so installing a wall mounted bike will suit this method better than just hooks. Horizontal bars, or even a small, sturdy shelf, can be used to rest the frame on – just make sure to take the same care to install the mount on a wall stud, measured correctly to suit the frame without the bike teetering or becoming lopsided.

Save wall space by mounting your bike perpendicular to the wall. This will take up more room space, but is perfect if you’re hanging multiple bikes next to each other or need to store one in a tight space or corner.

Hanging the bike this way means having the wheels against the wall. This makes it easy to roll the bike up and down the wall when storing or retrieving it, locking the wheel in the mounting hook by simply turning the handle bar when in place.

If you’re hanging the bike higher up the wall in this way you will save more room space, but it won’t be as easy as just rolling the bike into position. It should be easier than lifting it to the ceiling, however. You can install longer mounting racks to accommodate more bikes this way, just keep the space below clear enough to make retrieving the bike as convenient as possible.

Roller garage doors

Again, think about how your garage door will affect the amount of wall space available. The only garage door that offers total access without sacrificing wall or floor space is the roller garage door. With a roller garage door installed you will find that hanging your bike from the wall using any of these methods will be much easier. The simple convenience of additional, fully accessible space means hanging and retrieving your bike will be totally hassle free. A roller garage door allows for the easiest possible access into your garage, without impeding on an inch of your garage floor, wall or ceiling.

Rollerdor Ltd supply high quality roller garage doors to customers across the UK. Our experienced team work to your requirements and install every garage door with the same level of care and expertise to ensure that every installation meets our high standards. If you’re after a DIY installation we offer a detailed installation guide to follow at your own convenience. Our wide range of roller garage doors are built to last so contact us today by calling 0800 030 6004 to get the highest quality roller garage doors at the lowest possible price.

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How to hang a Bike in Your Garage

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